First, high quality

High precision servo motor drive melt, injection, can carry out a variety of insert precision injection processing, while always maintain high precision.

The sol servo motor drive can accurately control the feeding screw speed and Angle. The injection unit is driven by servo motor + pressure sensor, which can achieve up to 14 section of the firing rate and 14 section of the firing pressure or holding pressure.

Second, low investment

As a new gas-electric hybrid vertical two-station precision injection molding machine, marks in many ways will usher in a new era, it will also bring more opportunities and value for new entrepreneurs.

The technology is Japanese but has local services.

Extremely high constant precision, greatly reduce machine time, save material.

3. Low energy consumption

The clamping part adopts the servo pump with sufficient force, and the pressure and speed are all under visual and accurate control. Only during the molding of the product, how much pressure and speed are required, and the power system outputs the pressure and speed in a directional way, which greatly reduces the unnecessary energy waste.

The machine structure is hybrid, part of the action can be overlapped, greatly reducing the molding cycle, through a large number of injection molding process details can get high-quality products and save time and cost.

Guangdong ZhuoYong hybrid precision vertical injection molding machine intelligence solutions, stable enough force of hydraulic clamping, high speed precision electric melting glue, glue, years of accumulation province electric hydraulic servo technology and rich experience, to establish the most suitable for thin wall high speed automatic continuous metal strip shape of requirements, and high cost performance.


Machine features: high speed, high precision injection molding. L large mold and operation space. Multiple optional units with reserved locations. Mature control unit with more functions. High precision motor servo ejection function.

1. Precise matching of turntable and template.


2. Additional linear guide rail is added to the switch die


Iv. Detailed drawings